Start Your Local First Green Program

Recently, a number of golf course superintendents from across the country contacted us about starting their own local programs. In response to these requests, First Green has begun using our website to offer local program materials and resources (our experience, toolkits, and ability to purchase the learning lab materials that we use in Washington State).

The process (for Golf Course Superintendents):

  1. Pay application fee of $100 by clicking on the "Buy Now" button below.
  2. Complete the request form on our website. 
  3. Complete the PDF application kit you receive from us via email.
    (When we get your request from Step 2, we will email you a file with the application kit. This planning guide, when completed by the golf superintendent, will provide a step-by-step method for setting up the local program. It also contains a list of learning materials available for purchase at our cost.)
  4. First Green will add the golf course superintendent and local teacher to our newsletter and other informational mailings.

For the annual $100 fee (billed to the golf course superintendent each January), we provide:

  • Access to our resources
  • Certificates to post at the golf club and for the teacher to post at the school
  • Stories and photos on our website
  • Press releases to the local news media when we receive field trip updates and photos

To send the application request, click and complete the payment (Step 1) and authorization authorization (Step 2). For more information, email us.






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