KarenArmstead smDr. Karen Armstead, First Green Executive Director.  Karen has worked with First Green since 2005, securing the 501 (c) (3) status and foundation’s trademarks, creating educational resources, developing funding, reporting to grantors and donors, and managing the Foundation’s administrative tasks.  She is passionate about the environmental and educational benefits of golf courses, seeing them as a resource in their local communities.  Karen relies on her expertise as a former educator and non-profit business consultant to assist First Green in fulfilling its mission and in expanding as a unique national and international environmental education program using golf courses as STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning labs.  

Cathy RelyeaCathy Relyea, MBA, First Green Communications Director.  Cathy leads First Green’s online presence (thefirstgreen.org) and social media efforts. Cathy also is involved in program and educational resource development, as well as in enhancements to current First Green programs. 

Prior to First Green, Cathy was a partner at The Earth Generation, an environmental communications group. Cathy worked with multiple stakeholders (corporate client, NGO, and government agencies) to create customized environmental science curriculum for middle school science teachers in seven states, as well as cities in Turkey, the Philippines, Mexico and Venezuela. The U.S. EPA was the government agency partner in the US programs. She developed “train the trainer” training, which she administered to teachers in Arizona, Florida, the Philippines and Turkey.