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Hidden River Golf Club Hosts First Green Field Trip

On May 9, students from Heidi Smith’s 8th grade class at George Washington Middle School turned the Hidden River Golf Club into a learning lab, thanks to host superintendent Dave Kennedy. During the ninety minute field trip, 30 kids rotated through individual learning stations on soil, water and putting, finishing with a hole cutting demonstration by assistant superintendent, Pete Rodrigues, on the 18th green. Members Stan Snead and Susie Martinez were on hand for the field trip and helped walk the groups of students to each station.


“It’s a different dynamic when you take them outside the classroom. We could do the same thing in the class with a bucket of water and some soil and it wouldn’t have the same effect at all,” said Smith.

Both teachers and kids were highly engaged and enjoyed the First Green field trip.  “It was great to see the enthusiasm of the students as they got their hands dirty,” stated Kennedy.  “In addition, many of these kids have never been on a golf course and they have no idea what happens on a golf course.”

About First Green

First Green is an innovative environmental education outreach program using golf courses as environmental learning labs – the only program of its kind. First Green has been providing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning since 1997 and has extensive resources for golf course superintendents, including online lesson plans. Golf course superintendents and/or local golf course representatives host students on field trips where they test water quality, collect soil samples, identify plants, design plantings, assist in stream bed restoration and are involved in the ecology and environmental aspects of the golf course. The students are also introduced to many other aspects of golf. 

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