October 14, 2014 - Bermuda Dunes Country Club hosted Laura Spradlin’s La Quinta Middle School (LQMS) journalism and landscaping students in a series of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) lessons on the golf course.

BDCC superintendent Tyler Tang and assistant Cory Fadenrecht facilitated a series of lessons where students used “math on the golf course” to calculate the amount of seed needed for rectangle areas as well as irregular spaces. Then they calibrated seed spreaders and went to work.

Students also conducted scientific experiments by testing water for pH, nitrate, and ammonia levels and soil for silt and sand quality. They then correlated results to the demands of the golf course environment.

8th grader Skylar Mann said, “I thought golf courses wasted a lot of water, but I learned how they actually conserve water. We also learned about all the different types of sprinkler systems, water wells, pumping stations, and machinery used to maintain the course.”

After lunch at the club house, the students were treated to a golfing challenge and experimented with a drone that could reach heights of over 2000 feet and take pictures of the 27-hole golf course.

Teacher Laura Spradlin said it was a great opportunity for LQMS students to learn more about one of Coachella Valley’s largest industries. “The day was just awesome....so much science and math and very exciting for the kids. They returned and literally ran into the principal's office rattling off all the things they had learned.”

Superintendent Tyler Tang said, “I want to get our youth involved with the First Green Program to hopefully inspire at least one of them to play golf in the future or even choose a career path in our industry. They are our future golfers! Perhaps one might even choose to become a superintendent.” For golf course superintendents looking into hosting a First Green field trip, Tyler says not to worry. “I was nervous …  but once you get a few other superintendents and assistants involved it’s easy!”