BC Minister of Environment, Mary Polak, addresses students at the First Green demo event held at the Redwoods Golf Course on October 2.

October 3, 2015 - The Western Canada Turfgrass Association (WCTA), in partnership with the First Green Foundation, has launched the first program in Canada that brings environmental education to grade 5 through 12 students using golf courses as learning labs. 

This unique program was first launched on Canadian soil via a demonstration event held May 2014 at the Vancouver Golf Club.  More recently, a highly successful second event took place Friday, October 2nd at the Redwoods Golf Course in the Township of Langley, BC with special guest, the Honourable Mary Polak, BC Minister of Environment, attending.

“Golf courses are a perfect fit for STEM learning,” stated Trevor Smith.  “Students are taught about soil, eco-systems, wildlife habitat, surface and ground water, storm and sewer water management and a host of environmental benefits golf courses can provide.”

Along with their teacher, Heidi Gawehns, the twenty-seven Pitt River Middle School eighth graders who participated in the October event, were thoroughly impressed.   

Also in attendance and impressed with the learning opportunity was Diane Turner, Delta School District Superintendent who afterward stated, “Yes, I think this would be a great opportunity for our school districts.  As for my school district, I would very much like to set up an opportunity for you to come to a golf course and show some of our school district team how this program works first hand.”  

Reported by Jerry Rousseau.