Below is a rough idea of a typical first field trip to a golf course. It can be modified depending upon the number of students and the topic(s) that the teacher and golf course superintendent wish to cover. Start small - with one class of no more than 30 students. This results in the best learning experience for the students.

Q&A video: How to engage students on a field trip.



Arrive, park, and assemble

T-15 min

Begin field trip


Introduction to golf course, e.g., history of the club, terrain, stats. Sample lesson plan.

+15 min

Activity (Math on the Golf Course 1, Math on the Golf Course 2, Water Conservation, Water Quality, Soils. See Curriculum page for more.

+45 min

Conclusion (possible golf activity* on practice green,  fill out surveys, snack)


Leave club



1 hour 30 min

* Golf activity could be a simple putting contest on a practice green. Including a golf activity can extend the field trip time by 15-30 minutes.